Challenges & Disadvantages


The isolation of Aurukun limits its ability to attract skilled workers. The cost of materials and services is high due to freight costs and the distance from regional centres.


The climate creates special challenges. Roads outside of  the community are impassable during the wet season.

This greatly increases freight costs – which flow through and raise the cost of just about everything. extreme isolation for nearly half of the year also causes social and community stresses.


The Council provides housing within Aurukun with a stock of 182 community houses and 16 staff houses.

The new federally funded 10 year housing programme commenced this year. The Federal Government has allocated money to the Queensland state Government to build 91 houses and complete 247 refurbishments over the next 10 years in Aurukun. This will have a significant impact on the current level of overcrowding in community housing. The Remote Indigenous Land and Infrastructure Program office assists in removing impediments that may impact on the program. This program will relieve overcrowding and facilitate social and economic development in Aurukun.

Houses are closed by the relatives for cultural reasons upon the passing of a resident. After a Council-prescribed rent free period of up to three months an opening Ceremony is held. The five clan groups come together at the opening to celebrate this event with traditional dancing and a smoking ceremony. After this ceremony the family returns to reside within the house.