Environmental Health

Council currently engages Cook Shire Council to undertake authorised inspections of licensed food premises.


New businesses requiring a Food License are required to complete an Food Licensing Application and pay the required fee as per the ASC Schedule of Fees and Charges.  Licenses are renewed each year.


Licensed Food premises are also encouraged to ensure staff are appropriately trained in Safe Food Handling.  This accredited training is conducted from time to time in Aurukun.  Volunteers and community groups who conduct fund raising and community events are also encouraged to practise safe food handling.  Food Safety Resource Kits are available from the ASC Council office.  Queensland Health also provides information at https://www.health.qld.gov.au/public-health/industry-environment/food-safety

All other environmental health matters in relation to water supply and waste management, should be referred to the Director of Technical Services  PH 4060 6826.