Fishing Charters

Information sheet – charter fishing operators and potential operators

Existing Licensed Operators

Council would like to encourage your guests to enjoy our facilities at the Wuungkam Lodge. The lodge provides comfortable accommodation and exceptional dining in our restaurant.  Our Lodge staff will be able to assist in meeting your accommodation and catering needs.  Please contact the Manager on 07 40606814 or email Council would also encourage your guests to visit the Wik and Kugu Arts and Craft Centre.  Our ‘camp dog’ wood sculptures are quite renowned and can now be found in a large number of private and State collections.  Items can be purchased, wrapped and forwarded.  The gallery also includes the artist’s workspace and is a short walk from the Council Administration Centre.  Please contact the Manager on 07 40606843 or email

Considering a Charter Fishing License?

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries are responsible for processing your application and subsequent monitoring if approved. A charter fishing license application must be submitted to the Department, noting the area of operation.  The information provided by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, notes that if the area of operation is affected by a native title claim, Fisheries Queensland may notify the appropriate organisation concerned regarding the license.  There is currently a native title claim covering the Aurukun Shire, being Cape York United Number 1.  (Ref QC2014/008). Information relating to this claim can be sought from the National Native Title Tribunal   Information is also available from the Cape York Land Council  07 40539222.  The prescribed body corporate representing the interests of traditional owners is the Ngan Aak-Kunch Aboriginal Corporation.  The corporation can be contacted at the Cape York Land Council
Applications for a Charter Fishing License can be found on the State Government Business and Industry Portal

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