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Wik and Kugu artists launch merchandise

Wik and Kugu artists Amelia Woolla, Jennifer Woolla, Rachel Pamtoonda and Barbara Ampeybegan at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. Aurukun’s famous camp dogs and totems of the Wik and Wik Waya people have inspired a range of  Wik and Kugu Arts Centre merchandise to be launched at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF).  Aurukun Shire Council […]

Female Wik and Kugu artists paint their stories

Wik and Kugu female artists paint and record their life stories in ancestral language during the Painted Stories residency with artist Gina Allain and linguist Louise Ashmore. Cultural knowledge is being passed down with the assistance of the Painted Stories Artist Residency for female artists at Aurukun’s Wik and Kugu Arts Centre.  Aurukun Shire Council’s […]