Council Documents

Constitutional Recognition of Australia’s First People

The Local Government Association of Queensland, in collaboration with a Queensland Volunteer Working Group, has developed a website to increase understanding and discussion of the proposed referendum on constitutional recognition of Australia’s first people. The website provides factual background to the proposed referendum and access to a range of articles by prominent Australians, both for and against constitutional recognition. To access the website, click here.

Annual Reports

Planning Scheme & Decision Notices

The Aurukun Shire Council is committed to ensuring that the land and resources within Aurukun is developed in a way that supports the needs of the local community. As part of this aim, the Aurukun Shire Council has adopted the Aurukun Shire Planning Scheme and is effective from 1 August, 2014. You can view the Aurukun Shire Planning Scheme at the Aurukun Shire Council office at 39 Kang Kang Road, Aurukun.

Decision Notices

Please click on the relevant link below to read the planning scheme decision notices :