The free outdoor community Wi-Fi service 


Aurukun_WiFi is a free outdoor Wi-Fi service which is owned and operated by NBNCo.  A network of 34 antennas throughout the town provide free outdoor wireless internet to anybody withing range of the ‘Aurukun_WiFi’ hotspot.  There are also 3 indoor Wi-Fi locations; the Airport, the Supermarket and the IKC Library.  

The service is intended for community use and benefit. It is not designed for invividuals to do lots of video streaming (like Netflix and YouTube).  This means access to some activities (like video streaming) will be shaped (slowed) when the Communitity’s monthly data runs out.


Connecting to the Aurukun_WiFi Service

1. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi network named Aurukun_WiFi (you won’t need to enter a password)

2. Once connected to the network, follow the prompts on your device to reach the website 

3.  If you tick the box to agree to the portal terms and conditions and then click the ‘Start Browsing’ button you should be connected to the internet service. 

Your device should connect to the service whenever it is in range for the following 7 days.  Once the 7 days have expired you will be prompted to accept the portal terms and conditions once again. 


Metered Data

Video Streaming or dowloading video from sites like YouTube and Netflix is treated as metered data, but this doesn’t include embedded video content on some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.  Virtual Private Network or VPN activity is also metered. If metered data use exceeds the community’s monthly metered data allowance, speeds will be shaped for anyone using metered data.

From midnight to 4pm the service is unmetered.

From 4pm to midnight the service is unmetered except for video streaming and VPN use.

Both metered and unmetered data may be shaped (slowed).


 Wi-Fi Calling and SMS Messaging

Wi-Fi Calling and Wi-Fi SMS Messaging allow you to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages on your regular mobile phone number using a Wi-Fi connection instead instead of mobile phone signal.  Not all mobile phones have Wi-Fi Calling/SMS capabilities.  Your phone may have the capability but it may be switched off.  To check if Wi-Fi Calling/SMS is working on your mobile phone, put the phone in Flight Mode, connect to Wi-Fi and then try to make a phone call or send an SMS message.  Refer to this Telstra webpage for more details.

Although Telstra is the only mobile phone service provider in Aurukun, customers of other mobile phone service providers will be able to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages in Aurukun if they are connected to Aurukun_WiFi and are using a Wi-Fi Calling/SMS capable mobile phone.   


Content Filtering

Aurukun_WiFi has a content filterinig policy in place as agreed with community leaders and NBNCo.  This means that access to cetain websites is restricted.  If you try to view a website which has been blocked by the content filtering policy, an “Access Blocked” message will be displayed.    


How to use Aurukun_Wi-Fi

 This 7-minute YouTube video contains more details about the free outdoor Wi-Fi service.