Ayyang niialang in'an aak ngattam.

Hey everyone, here is our place.

Ward River, Aurukun

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This website may contain images and voices of people who have passed away.


This underpins our society. We need to have respect for ourselves, our Elders, our families, others and our Country. Respect is critical to our community at so many levels. It is not just about what we say but also about how we behave. In that regard, it is important for our leaders to lead by example when it comes to respect.


We have traditions which are important to individuals, families and our community. It is these traditions which bind us together and unite us. These traditions link our past to our future. It reinforces our sense of duty to ourselves and our people and our identity. Our languages, song lines and dances must be preserved for our future generations. 


Our community needs good leadership. An important role of this generation of leaders is to nurture and empower the next generation of leaders for our community. Without that leadership, our future will not be as positive. Leaders must lead but our leaders must also listen to our community. We acknowledge and respect our many leaders throughout community. 



Our Community, Kinship and family-ties are important to us. We are all connected to each other. Respect for Community, Kinship and family is crucial to our future and in maintaining our values. 


Ngan inan ngank min a aak in punchan ana pam wanch Wik, Wik Waya a Kugu a aak a ngak wacken, ana work, ana iiynan a.

We are proud to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters we are working on; the Wik, Wik Waya and Kugu people.

Ngan ngank min a wuut, wanchinth mangk, aak keenkana wunina aak nyiigkanam.ana ngul ngulana.

We have good, strong feelings of respect for the Elders of the past, the present time and the future time.

Stan Kalkeeyorta