Wik and Kugu Arts Centre exhibits in Melbourne

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Community News

Aurukun’s totemic clan sculptures feature in the Aak Ngench Thayan exhibition at D’Lan Contemporary in Melbourne from Saturday, 22 March until 3 May.

The Wik and Kugu Arts Centre exhibition is a major showcase of the community’s sculpture with 25 works from established and emerging artists.

These include a large pack of ku’ (camp dogs), several birds such as the jabiru and brolga, a large cockatoo installation by Telstra Art Award winner Keith Wikmunea, and a flying fox installation by Winchanam artist Alair Pambegan.

Artists Garry Namponan (pictured painting a ku’), Leigh Namponan and Bruce Bell will be in Melbourne for the opening on Saturday, along with Arts Centre Manager Gabriel Waterman and cultural performers Perry Yunkaporta and his son Eric Yunkaporta.