Mayor’s Christmas Message for 2023

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Season’s Greetings

One of the blessings of this time of the year is that Christmas is a time of hope, of giving and of spreading love.
There will be many ways in which we celebrate this season in our lives. Each family is different. Each celebration will be different.
Personally, I am thankful and always remain hopeful.
As Christmas day approaches, it will not be easy for us, especially, for most it will be the first Christmas without a loved one.
This year we have had to say our goodbyes to prominent Elders, community champions, family members and even young parents have had to experience the loss as well. All sad days for us, but I know that over time healing will take place and all the love that we have for our dearly departed ones will be our strength moving forward. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.
We also have had many reasons to celebrate and to be happy!
We have held our first ever Aak’ Ngamparam special public holiday to celebrate the significant achievement of Native Title.
We have had 13 students graduate Year 6. Children are our future; they carry all our tomorrows and all our dreams. They need our support in going forward.
We have had 4 young people complete their schooling and have graduated Year 12. And they all will be transitioning into employment! How fantastic is that!
Our Wik and Kuju artists continue to shine, winning accolades and have now entered the art space abroad with more opportunities opening for them.
I warmly Welcome our newest tiny residents with the birth of new babies!

During this year alone, I have witnessed compassion, love, grief, and respect, lets continue, especially with compassion for others.
We thank you all for the honour of serving our community and our constituents during our term.
It has been a privilege.
Christmas is a gift, family is a gift, life is a gift. It is all precious and we need to make the most of all we have.
The greatest gift that was given to us came humbly as a baby born in a manger surrounded by animals. Jesus has told us in His words that we must love one another because love is of God.
This is His greatest commandment. Love.
So, with these words, I encourage us all to show love and give love and to treat your neighbour with respect. To the young ones, I ask that you look out for our elders, our weak and frail, and assist them if they need help because it is the right thing to do.
Celebrate with me the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.
I hope that this Christmas will be filled with good memories and that you will have an enjoyable time with your loved ones.
Wishing you all peace and love during this special season.
From Myself, Deputy Mayor Koomeeta and Councillors, Delys Yunkaporta, Jayden Marrott, and Kemuel Tamwoy.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
God bless you all and God bless Aurukun.

Mayor Keri Tamwoy