Council embeds Wik Kath Min

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22 April 2022

Aurukun Shire Council is reviewing its policies and procedures to ensure the Wik Kath Min (The Good Story) Community Values Statement is embedded within the local government framework.

Mayor Keri Tamwoy said the Values Statement was a clear vision of what the community wanted to help Aurukun move forward to a better future.

“More than 300 members of our community contributed to this statement which was launched towards the end of 2019,” Mayor Tamwoy said.

“With the pandemic becoming less of a focus for Council it is time to move forward with the Values Statement and ensure this vision is at the forefront of government and the community working together.

“We as a community need to drive social, cultural and economic improvements that ensure a sustainable socio-economic outcome for Aurukun.

“Aurukun Shire Council supports these values and has aligned them with our Corporate Plan and the Community Safety Plan.

“We will now make sure that these values flow through to every aspect of Council policies and procedures.

“We want to encourage all levels of government and service providers in Aurukun to support these values and embed them in future planning for their services in our community.

“Aurukun’s Ministerial Champion Di Farmer and Co-Government Champion Rob Setter have both agreed to progress a draft Wik Kath Min Governance framework to review Whole of Government service delivery in Aurukun.

“Council proposes establishing a Wik Kath Min Taskforce with targets based on each community value to develop the framework.

“The current performance outputs of all service providers would be reviewed to ensure resources and investment is better targeted towards outcomes and that there is not a double-up in service delivery.”

The Wik Kath Min Community Values Statement 

  • We empower our children through teaching culture and sending them to school.
  • We care for and protect our children, our Elders and our families
  • We teach our children the right way – to follow western laws and traditional cultural ways
  • We love doing things together and feel connected by our shared experiences
  • We seek worthwhile employment and training and mentoring so we can support our families and provide stability in our home
  • We like to make connections and bring back experiences from the world outside Aurukun
  • We are friendly and respectful to everyone in our community
  • We care for each other and share what we have
  • We like a nice place to live
  • We are skilled at making peace and we have the hearts to forgive each other
  • We have an in-depth spiritual connection to our country and our kin.