Community message from Mayor Keri Tamwoy

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

I am concerned that our neighbouring community of Weipa has increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases over the past couple of days. Medical experts tell me there is no way we can stop Covid from coming to Aurukun. We must work together as a community to slow the spread and minimise the impact on our people.

Please tell your families to limit travel to essential reasons only. If you must go to Weipa for medical reasons, please be Covid-safe and limit your movements there. Aurukun supermarket is well stocked so there is no need to travel to Weipa.

Masks are mandatory indoors, unless you are in your own home, and should be used outside if you cannot be 1.5m away from other people. Masks must not be shared. You can purchase a mask for $1 from the supermarket or you can buy a box. Wash your hands regularly and sanitise where necessary.

If you feel unwell get tested immediately. If you wait, you put your family at risk.

Please ensure your vaccinations are up to date and book your appointment at the clinic on 4060 6700. I am very pleased that Aurukun is at 97% for the first dose and 83% for the second dose. Queensland Health will advise us when 5-11 year-old vaccines are available.

Queensland Health has a plan ready for the first reported case in Aurukun. Please do not panic when Covid comes here. We must not get angry and blame people as unrest will make the virus spread faster. We need to support each other and follow the directions of medical staff. We can keep the virus contained if we all work together as a community.

We also have the risk of a cyclone forming in the coming week so please tidy up yards and make sure you have the necessary preparations completed in your home.  

Follow the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service Facebook page for updates on case numbers in our region.

Please stay safe and do the right thing by your community.