Youth leader elected to Aurukun Shire Council

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Community News

Jayden Marrott, 22, has been elected to the Aurukun Shire Council following  a byelection on Saturday.

A founding member of the Aurukun Youth Advisory Committee, Mr Marrott said he wanted to show that young people can make a change in their community.

“We need more young people to be involved in creating change,” he said.

“I went away to boarding school and found there wasn’t much for the 12 to 18 year age group to do when they returned home from school.

“I want to encourage activities on country, sporting opportunities and training that will lead to jobs.”

From the Wanam clan, Mr Marrott has been a resident of Aurukun since 2010. He was born in Cairns, but spent much of his time in his family’s communities of Aurukun and Pormpuraaw.

He boarded at Ipswich Grammar from years 8 to 12 and then attended John Paul College to participate in their sporting Horizons Program.

After graduating in 2016 Mr Marrott worked for community agencies and the Aurukun Shire Council in various roles. He is currently part of the Bama Services crew remodelling the Aurukun dump.

He and his partner Atima Bin-Juda have a 10-month-old daughter Minimana Marrott, and returned from Hammond Island in the Torres Strait two months ago after spending time with Ms Bin-Juda’s family.