Aurukun Shire Council Update

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Community News

Aurukun township
Aurukun township

Aurukun Shire Council has been responding to requests by Police for assistance since the outbreak of the incident and is attending meetings coordinated by the Police.

Chief Executive Officer Bernie McCarthy said Police and Council offered emergency accommodation in Aurukun at the start of the incident.

“On Thursday the Police assisted Council in ensuring that local businesses, Council facilities and services were operating to restore community confidence,” he said.

“These included the post office, bank, shops, airport, Council office, garbage collection, water, sewerage and PCYC.

“Police will continue to assist Council to ensure delivery of community services going forward.

“Aurukun Shire Council’s priority is to ensure the continuation of essential services for the community of Aurukun and the safety of our staff.

“Council is urgently assessing what assistance can be provided to ensure sanitation services for temporary camps within and outside the Shire’s area.

“Council will continue to request government assistance to determine how the displaced people can be best managed. 

“We want to help people return to the community and be part of the healing process which started on Friday with Elders conducting a smoking ceremony at the health clinic so staff could return and go about their work.

“I urge the public to remember that Aurukun is a remote Indigenous community with very strong cultural beliefs and it would be culturally inappropriate for the Mayor, who is married to a member of the family in mourning, to speak out.”