Photographers love Aurukun

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Tony Kerindun by Steven Pelham
Tony Kerindun by Steven Pelham

Aurukun’s characters and spectacular skies were among the most popular entries in the Why I Love Aurukun Photo Competition which attracted 138 entries and enormous social media attention.
Aurukun Shire Council Mayor Dereck Walpo said the competition was so successful that the Council would run it again next year.
The winners are:
Aurukun Character: Steven Pelham “Tony Kerindun”.
Highly commended: Jamie Haskell “Cheeky Kids”, Jane Brooks “Zarnielle”, Jane Brooks “Nikarno”.
Favourite Activity: Graham Poon “Playing in the Riverbed”.
Highly commended: Jamie Haskell 18, Jamie Haskell 19, Jane Brooks “Bringing a Catch Home”, Michelle Creecy 4, Susan Harrison “Family Fishing”.
Best Scene: Elena Karoll “Untitled Sunset”.
Highly commended: Renee Gavin 3, Renee Gavin 6, Simon Atkinson 2.
Aurukun at Work: Jamie Haskell “Lindsey”.
Highly commended: Susan Harrison “Margot and Bruce”, Zuzana Orme.
People’s Choice: Noel Waterman “Aurukun Elder in headdress”.
Best Overall Photo: Tie for Steven Pelham “Untitled Jellyfish”, Noel Waterman “Aurukun elder in headdress”, Steven Pelham “Bruce Bell’s Paintbrush Holder.
Best Subject: Noel Waterman “Makaya at School”.
Cr Walpo said Noel Waterman’s picture of Stanley Kalkeeyorta was the overwhelming People’s Choice winner with a whopping 7696 votes.
“The image of the Aurukun spear maker has been a favourite on Facebook and many have asked about the scars on his chest,” he said.
While initiation ceremonies were once a part of Aurukun’s culture, Cr Doris Poonkameyla said this tradition had not been practised since the missionary time and her cousin Stanley’s scars were from heart surgery.
“Stanley is Putch Clan from Kendall River Outstation, but he grew up in Aurukun. His father James taught him to make spears which local people use to hunt crabs, stingrays and fish in the river,” she said.
The competition was sponsored by Aurukun Shire Council, Skytrans, Black Star Radio and Aak Puul Ngantam (APN).
See the finalists here.