Workshop brings business interest in Aurukun

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

Employment for Aurukun residents is high on the agenda for the Aurukun Shire Council following inquiries from companies wanting to set up business in the township.

Aurukun Mayor Dereck Walpo said interest in the Cape York community was strong following a workshop hosted by Aurukun Shire Council on February 8-9 to highlight potential business opportunities.

“The Aurukun Means Business Workshop coincided with a visit by Rio Tinto to gauge the supply capability of Aurukun for the $2.7 billion Amrun bauxite project and outline the business and employment opportunities that would arise from it,” he said.

“We had an overwhelming response to the workshop by outside companies and organisations from all around Australia with more than 60 people, including local businesses and residents, participating on the first day and about 75 attending on the second day.

“Aurukun Shire Council hosted the sessions and provided town tours for workshop participants and Rio Tinto.

“The participants included smaller contractors through to large companies from around Queensland and Western Australia.

“We spoke to these companies about the business opportunities in Aurukun which include housing construction, sewerage and road upgrades, refurbishment of the Sports Centre and Three Rivers Community Centre, training of staff, tourism ventures in conjunction with Traditional Owners, cleaning and industrial estate development.

“Already we have had inquiries from companies looking at the viability of setting up in Aurukun both for work in Aurukun as well as business associated with the Amrun project.

“Attendees were advised that if their only interest was only the Amrun project, that they should attend the Rio sessions being held in Cairns or Weipa so we were delighted that so many came to Aurukun to see what opportunities were available in our township.

“The strategy for holding this workshop is in line with the key economic development goals in Aurukun Shire Council’s Corporate Plan which include increasing employment opportunities and business growth for local Aurukun residents to break the welfare cycle.”