CCTV a step closer for Aurukun

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

Work has started on the manufacture of a CCTV system for the township of Aurukun with the system expected to be in operation in July.

Aurukun Mayor Dereck Walpo said plans for the installation of the CCTV system were progressing well with SAPE Industries currently manufacturing the system in its Townsville workshop.

“They anticipate bringing the state-of-the-art system to Aurukun on May 3 and taking eight weeks to install it with a completion date scheduled for June 30,” he said.

“While the new system will not totally eliminate crime and anti-social behaviour in the township, Aurukun Shire Council is confident that a substantial reduction may occur.

“CCTV is part of a broader strategy to improve life in Aurukun as it has a proven track record in making security initiatives more effective in other areas including Palm Island, Cairns and Mt Isa.

“We are working hard with the Queensland Police Service to improve security together which includes Aurukun Shire Council hiring private security guards and funding the successful Community Police program employing local residents.

“Our focus includes refurbishing infrastructure to provide safe and welcoming places for members of the community to gather.

“We are assisting the establishment of a Police Citizens Youth Club within the Aurukun Sports Centre and Aurukun’s library is being refurbished as an Indigenous Knowledge Centre which will engage residents through community radio and other initiatives.

“Expressions of interest will be invited to refurbish the Three Rivers Community Centre and provide a community engagement facility.

“Of course employment is high on the agenda and Council is proactively lobbying for business development to provide employment and training opportunities through initiatives such as the recent Aurukun Means Business Workshop.

“Ongoing community engagement is also important and Council maintains a conversation with local residents through Facebook, newsletters, radio announcements and regular community events.”