Council supports $2.6bn Cape York bauxite expansion

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

Aurukun Shire Council has declared its support for the $2.6 billion bauxite mine expansion on Cape York.

On Friday, Rio Tinto gave board approval of the Amrun bauxite project, formerly known as South of Embley, which is expected to create 1,100 jobs in Far North Queensland.

Aurukun Mayor Dereck Walpo said Council welcomed the development and he hoped it would lead to economic and social benefits for his community.

“I believe this is an enormous opportunity which will hopefully benefit all Aurukun people, and lead to a better future for our community,” said Mayor Walpo.

“Aside from the jobs and training opportunities, I think there will be some extra benefits for local businesses, such as the supermarket, takeaway shops, restaurant and our accommodation.

“This should all lead to a healthier Aurukun and a better lifestyle for our residents.”

Mayor Walpo said Council also hoped to work closely with Rio Tinto on assisting in the economic development of the region.

“There are various important issues to discuss, such as the ongoing protection and maintenance of roadwork and training of our people to take up jobs in the future” said Mayor Walpo.

“We’re keen to work in joint cooperation with Rio Tinto on infrastructure improvement, such as roads, drainage, sewerage and housing.

“These are exciting times for Cape York and its communities, and my people should take a lot of confidence out of this news – I have no doubt there are good times ahead for Aurukun.”