As is the case with all Shires including Aurukun Shire Council, Grants form an integral and important part of our funding matrix.


Council has been successful in obtaining the following non-recurrent grants this 16/17 financial year.

Koolkan Child Care Centre – Small Assets Grant  $59 500 (State Government)

Sewerage Pump Station Upgrades – Community Infrastructure  $600 000  (State Government)

Sewerage Upgrades – Community Infrastructure $500 000 (State Government)  Co-Contribution from Council

Works Depot Safety and Security Upgrade – $150 000  (State Government) Co-Contribution from Council

Airport Contractors Compound Safety and Security Upgrade – $150 000 (State Government) Co-Contribution from Council

Indigenous Councils Sustainability Grant – $509 000 (State Government)

Disability Access Ramp – Wuungkam Lodge – $80 000 (State Government)

Municipal Assets – Working for Queensland  – $2,500,000 (State Government)

Wik and Kugu Arts  Centre – $34 870  (Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement)

This  graph shows the importance of recurring and capital grant funding:

Recurrent Expenditure 15/16