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In September 2013, Council has engaged Business Mapping Solutions (a Cairns based consultancy) to carry out assistance in the following areas:

1. Helping local Indigenous residents to fullfill their dreams of establishing their own enterprise/business
2. Assist Council specifically in the re-establishment of a Joinery/cabinet making enterprise
3. Offer assistance in ensuring that whatever can be done is followed through with senior officers to take advantage of any enterprise activity or opportunity creates as a consequence of minig activity in or near our shire. This would be subject to the direction of the CEO and / or our mayor

(note – Funding for this activity was made possible through the Qld Dept. of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services via a grant in 2012)

Council  appointed Far North Consultancy Group to assist with the framing and updating of the Wik and Kugu Art Centre’s Business Plan. There is indeed much scope and opportunity for developing local artists into a position whereby they can boost their personal income for their creative works.

Recently a new retail initiative has become a reality with the completion of the SAM KERIDUN SNR BUSINESS PRECINCT BUILDING. This facility in Kang Kang Street, Aurukun, houses numerous Offices and also a few enterprises outlets, namely:

The Kang Kang Café, Bakery, Bendigo Bank Sub Agency and  Rio Tinto Office.

Council operates numerous accommodation facilities in the Aurukun Community, namely:  The  Wuungkam Lodge and Kooth Pach Guest House; and other contractor’s  accommodation ‘camp’ style complexes.   All income generated from these initiatives is  used to contribute toward the overall operational budget for Aurukun Shire Council.

Council are currently considering numerous other business enterprises, which will be added to this website periodically.

Alan Neilan

Ph: 40606 817