The Elected Council

Legal Status
The Aurukun Shire Council operates under Queensland Government Legislation, namely The Local Government Act 2009. Furthermore, two Regulations working hand-in-glove with the Act are the Financial Planning & Reporting Regulation and the Operations Regulation. Council is constituted by the Councillors who are elected or appointed to the local government under this Act. Councils’ ABN is 32 338 490 426.
Council’s GST registration is effective from July 1, 2000.
Land Tenure
The Council is responsible for land assigned to it under a Lease granted to the Council pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government (Aboriginal Lands) Act 1978 over an area of about 750,000 hectares described as Lot 1 on Plan SC211. The term of the Lease has been extended to November 3, 2059.
The Aurukun Shire is a very remote area of Queensland which is starkly different to most other Queensland shires. Its community is among the most disadvantaged in Australia but it has outstanding potentials for growth and prosperity. The community of Aurukun is located on the north-west coast of the Cape York Peninsula, 200km (2hrs 30mins) by road south of the mining town of Weipa and 790km (11hrs) from Cairns. The community is located within the Aurukun Shire; nearly the entire population (99.6%) lives within the township.
Socio-Economic Status & Disadvantage
Socio-economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) is a suite of four summary measures that have been created from Census information. The indexes can be used to explore different aspects of socio-economic conditions by geographic areas. For each index, every geographic area in Australia is given a SEIFA number which shows how disadvantaged that area is compared with other areas in Australia. Aurukun is rated in the poorest 5% of communities Australia-wide. The 34 discrete Indigenous Queensland communities rank below all 123 other Queensland communities and Aurukun is the 11th lowest ranking among them.

Elected Councillors:

Aurukun Councillors

(from left) Cr Doris Poonkamelya, Cr Vera Koomeeta, Cr Ada Woolla, Mayor Dereck Walpo, Deputy Mayor Edgar Kerindun

Register of Interest

Register of Interest – Vera Koomeeta 2019

Register of Interest – Edgar Kerindun 2019

Register of Interest – Doris Poonkamelya 2019

Register of Interest – Dereck Walpo 2019

Register of Interest – Ada Woolla 2019