Planning Scheme

The Aurukun Shire Council is committed to ensuring that the land and resources within Aurukun is developed in a way that supports the needs of the local community. As part of this aim, the Aurukun Shire Council has adopted the Aurukun Shire Planning Scheme and will take effect from 1 August, 2014. You can view the Aurukun Shire Planning Scheme at the Aurukun Shire Council office at 39 Kang Kang Road, Aurukun, or on council’s website below.

For enquiries, phone Aurukun Shire Council (07) 4060 6800 or contact Corey Roderick at Aurecon, phone (07) 3173 8163, or email

Aurukun Planning Scheme_QPP3_Final Commenced 1 August 2014